Let’s start at the very beginning.


There are many sayings, greeting cards, e-cards and no doubt blog posts about beginnings. This is mine, one of mine. This is the beginning of a new blog and new challenge. 

Inspired by watching Sarah Keenihan and her http://scienceforlife365.wordpress.com/ blog where she set herself the challenge to write about science for 365 days, I plan to do the same (but a little differently).

After a couple of previous failed attempts at writing a blog over the last few years. I decided I wanted to get serious about my writing, my thinking and exploring technology. So I am challenging myself to write about technology in my life and what I think about, the good, the bad and the down right weird for 365 days doing my best not to miss a day.

I hope to learn more about technology, about writing, about managing a blog and what others think about technology. 

The hardest part of this beginning, was naming the blog. As many have done before I turned to my online Facebook friends and Twitter followers for ideas. Thank you to everyone who made a suggestion. It was really fun working my way through the ideas and kicking names around. Ironically for a blog about technology the answer did not come from online but rather my own living room via my Mum.  So thank you Mum for the name.

The name was tricky, I had lots of ideas but it seems so had other people before me, but eventually I found a name that was available as a domain name.

I pity the future generations who will struggle to find unique Twitter handles, domain names and email addresses, they will have to be very creative. 

So here I am with a shiny new domain name, a possibly ridiculous idea and a beginning. 

1 down 365 to go. 

Photo credit: Flickr.com: Press Start! Dinosoldier

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