The Real(ish) Me


I feel that I should introduce myself. I’m confident that everyone who read my first blog post are people who know me IRL (in real life), but I do hope eventually people I don’t know will read my blog.

But wanting to introduce myself online is a little tricky.  How much do I tell you dear reader? How much is too much? How much of me and my life do I share online? In my day job, as a public servant for the South Australian Government (I even wonder if I should tell you that) I have provided information and advice about cybersafety.  The first rule of cybersafety is the internet is forever, so if you don’t want it to come back and bite you don’t put it online.

I know bloggers who blog about everything in their lives, their tragedies, their triumphs, broken hearts, and broken limbs.  Some remain anonymous to share their deepest, darkest, dirtiest secrets. There are bloggers that stick to a specific topic, some don’t write about how much alcohol they drink, their health or their private lives.  I want to find a happy medium, where I’m open but not too open. To be completely honest I don’t think you want to know that I’m typing this whilst looking particularly elegant in my PJs and ugg boots.

I do admire people who are open online, who write their deepest and darkest thoughts and activities. It they leave themselves open to judgement and don’t care. Sadly, or maybe not, I’m not that brave (yet).

In writing this post words such as ‘authentic’, ‘genuine’ and ‘real’ come to mind, and I’m first to admit these are over used words when it comes to people writing about blogging, or anything online.  I do want to be honest, genuine and open, but how much we all share online is a personal decision. There are times I wish some people were less open and genuine, there are only so many pictures of pets, children and food I can take. However I can’t promise not to post pictures of pets, children and food, but of course when I do it, it will be interesting or funny (not annoying).

But back to the introduction, I’m Alison Kershaw, I was born in Adelaide, have lived, worked and studied overseas. I remember when my Dad bought home a Commodore64 but it wasn’t until the internet that I got interested in computers.  I suck at computer games, I can’t code and I have never hacked a website. But being able to use the internet to find information, connect with people around the world, share and learn really sparked my interest. So I have been hanging out online learning, sharing and looking at cat videos for a long time.

And for the record I don’t like pina colada but I do like walks in the rain.

How much do you share online? What’s the personal information line you won’t cross?



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