More Real Me

If I’m going to make this blog work I’m going to have to learn not to treat it like home work and leave it until the last minute and quite so late in the day. 

Hopefully this will mean that when I write my posts I’m not so tired. When I’m tired I often forget things. Which is exactly what I did in my last night for my last post. I did want to introduce myself but also felt I should do something has become considered ‘best practice’ (a very government term – so apologies if you aren’t a public servant).

I did not clearly state that the opinions expressed in this blog are completely my own and not that of my employer or any organisations with which I am involved. 

It was this disclaimer that got me thinking about the ‘real me’ and the ‘online me’.  It is now considered the right thing to do to clearly state especially on Twitter and blogs, if you do choose to identify yourself, that your online activities are not necessarily associated with your job or volunteer work.  

I’m giving a presentation on this very topic next week so I think I will save exploring how your ‘online you’ can get the ‘real world you’ fired until next week. 

Despite having made this disclaimer I still find myself making sure that I don’t say anything that is likely to get me into trouble at work or in any of my volunteer roles. I do love climbing up on a soapbox and I look forward to telling you dear reader what I think about many things. But for my sake and as well as yours (I’m not much fun when I have my ranty pants on) I will try and keep the ranting and swearing to tasteful levels or at least make it fun. 

I like to think the online me and the real me are funny. But I will let you be the judge. 

Thank you to those who have left comments here, on Facebook and spoken to me in person. I hope that as I get into the swing of it this will become more of a chat about technology.  How it does and doesn’t work in our lives, and that you will join me in occasionally getting your ranty pants on, and if that’s at me and my opinions then I think that will be just great. 

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