Happy Birthday Dad

Part of Commodore64 keyboard

Today is my Dad’s 60th birthday and he is an uber geek. 

There is a story in my family that Dad has been working with computers so long he once broke his wrist opening a packet of punch cards.  Apparently Dad was trying to open the packet and when it finally gave way he hit his wrist so hard on a filing cabinet his wrist broke. 

I blame and thank Dad for my interest in technology.  I remember the day he brought home a Commodore 64. Initially I wasn’t impressed with it as it didn’t do much. As Dad ran his own software business which took up much of his spare time, I spent many of my formative years not liking computers. It wasn’t until the internet that I got interested in computers and what they could do.

My Dad has spent years answering my questions, provided countless hours of technical support and crawling around on the floor setting up computers and networks with me and for me. He is not really interested in social media but is impressed that people ask my advice about using it. 

I’m grateful to my Dad for sparking my interest that has become a passion and for his endless patience over the years answering my questions, fixing crashed computers, setting up wifi and just being all kinds of awesome.

Happy Birthday Dad! 


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