Good news travelling fast

There are people who think social media is pointless.  But I love it because it is where a lot of my friends live.  It brings many of them together in one place, which is great given they live all over the world. Something happened to me today that is a small example of how social media can be a source of care and support.

A month ago I was diagnosed with DVTs in my femoral vein. It was all very sudden and scary, 3 hours after visiting my GP I was admitted to hospital. Once I knew what was happening I got on Facebook and let my friends and family know what had happened. It was wonderful to receive dozens of messages of support and love from around the world. I received phone calls, texts, emails and messages online, it was just what I needed as I sat alone in a dull hospital room waiting for test results. 

Today I got clearance from my specialist to travel to the USA. This is a big deal as I had to postpone the trip I had planned thanks to my DVTs. 

4 hours ago I posted this on my Facebook page: “Boo yeah!! Got clearance from the specialist! America here I come!” (admittedly not a great piece of writing but the sentiments are heartfelt). So far this status update has been liked by 32 of my Facebook friends.

Facebook like icon

That’s 32 people who have let me know they are happy for me. It may not seem much to click on an icon to let someone know you ‘like’ their status but it can be very powerful. It is small way my friends are sending a virtual ‘hooray’ and whether it is 2 or 32, it is a nice feeling when someone likes your status. 

People can post gossip, campaigns, event information, news good and bad online and it can be wonderful (and appreciated) when people you know send you a virtual thumbs up or a virtual hug by liking your status. 

Never underestimate the power of a virtual ‘thumbs up’, it can be appreciated more than you realise. 

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