The Facebook basket

Today I attended an information session for a great community initiative. I won’t name it as I don’t want to single them out, as there are many more guilty of the same offence.  When asked questions about how interested people could connect, the staff replied ‘on Facebook’. The reliance of this program on social media is a great weakness and incredibly short sighted. 


I was shocked at the lazy answer and the assumptions made. The reality is:

1. Not everyone is online

2. Not everyone is on Facebook

3. Not everyone checks their Facebook regularly

4. It is easy to miss important information on Facebook

It is just plain lazy to expect people to find your information and connect with it because you put it on Facebook. 

By now dear reader you will know that I am a huge fan of social media but it is not the answer to everything.  Assuming that everyone has regular access to the internet and have the skills, time and interest in being on Facebook is just plain lazy and wrong.

When it comes to communication and marketing social media is merely one of many tools at your disposal, it is not a magic bullet.  Social media is a great tool to reach people who already use social media. Yes many of us use social media but when we want to communicate and promote we put all our eggs in the social media basket at our peril. 

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