AVCon 2013

AVCon is Adelaide’s Anime and Video Game Convention and I was lucky enough to be a small part of it today.

I joined the lovely folks from Fab Lab Adelaide to do some ‘show and tell’ about 3D printing. It’s always fun on a Fab Lab stand, the look of people’s face when they see 3D printing up close and personal. Pretty much every second person says ‘I have heard about it but have never seen it’. We always make sure there are lots of samples for people to pick up and handle, here’s a snapshot of the bits and pieces we had today. 


What made today extra fun was the great costumes that people were wearing, one of the things to do at AVCon (and any other gaming/comic/geek convention) is ‘Cosplay’, to dress up as your favourite anime, film, game, comic or graphic novel character. The work that goes into the costumes is amazing. The photos I took don’t really do anyone any justice but if you have never seen Cosplay I suggest you google it.

Gamers get a lot of bad press but I have to say today at AVCon not being a geek or a gamer was the exception. People wore what made them happy, they hung out, shopped and of coursed played a lot of games. Some played old school games, others entered tournaments where the games were watched on a big screen by dozens of people. I spoke to a few other people working on stands and we all agreed, the crowd were lovely, very chilled and very polite. The atmosphere was great and very family friendly. 

I had a slightly surreal moment of having a quite technical conversation about 3D printing and it’s biomedical potential with a lovely young man dressed up like Heath Ledger’s Joker, complete with full make up and fake scars. He was intelligent, articulate, curious and he and his mates were having a great day. 

What makes AVCon truly amazing is that is run by a group of volunteers. They should all be really proud of themselves, the thousands of people I saw today were having a great time. And I know most of them will be back tomorrow for more, if you are looking for something to do you should head to the Convention Centre and check it out and head downstairs and say check out the Fab Lab stand,

2 thoughts on “AVCon 2013

  1. Awesome timing for me to only just read this post today, when I am in the middle of trying to organise a Lunch ‘N Learn session on 3D Printing 🙂 I wonder if Fab Lab Adelaide would be interested in potentially doing a demo for us! 🙂

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