Doctor Google

sick teddyI’m sick, well not proper sick, just feeling a little off. In this shiny new digital age many of us have on occasion turned to ‘Doctor Google’ to help us determine just how sick we are.  This of course can be a bad idea, as the symptoms of many ‘everyday’ illnesses can be confused with serious illnesses.

For example according to New South Wales Health Department website, the symptoms of typhoid fever include, “fever, headache, general discomfort and a lack of appetite.”

I’m reasonably confident I don’t have typhoid (fingers crossed) but I do have those symptoms. 

Google in fact has begun tracking the outbreaks of diseases based on users searching for their symptoms, including flu and dengue fever. When you compare the Google trends estimates and the actual data it is amazingly close,

Have you ever searched your symptoms? What did you discover? I hope you didn’t have typhoid fever. 

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