Oops…missed one

I read once that it takes 30 days to make a new habit, and I’m only 17 days into my new habit  so forgive me for my first (and probably not my last) slip.

But I think I have a good reason for missing yesterday’s blog post, I was thinking. I was thinking globally. I was thinking with people all around the world. This is the real power of the internet, connecting people. 

I’m working as part of a small team doing the Acumen ‘Human-Centred Design for Social Innovation Course. There’s us and 1000’s of other people around the world. One of our first tasks was to take a picture of our team and post it to the course Google+ group. I was amazed to see pictures of teams from around the world, there are currently 3,850 people in the Google group for the course. There are teams in Sao Paulo, Osaka, Berlin, Indonesia, San Francisco and right around the corner in Wellington New Zealand. 

The idea of nearly 4,000 people working in small groups but sharing their ideas, learnings and outcomes with people around the world blows my mind. 

Thanks to the internet the ease with which people around the world are able to share and collaborate is breath taking. I realise of course that there are people who can not access the internet and are excluded from such collaborations. But I do really believe that programs such as this are part of the process to finding solutions to getting more people online, and allowing anyone to join in.

Rather than writing a blog post about e-learning this post is about the ease of connection, with people I don’t know but I at least have one thing in common. We are all interested in learning more about Human Centred Design. 

What amazes me is not the course (though the course is great) but the fact that thanks to the internet I can share ideas with people, strangers, around the world and work to find big and small solutions for them, me and others. 

The technology that makes the internet work is truly amazing and I have to admit I really don’t understand most of it. However the real power of the internet is the people who use it. Now we all just have to make sure that we use the bits, bytes, atoms and cables to do something amazing and not just post hilarious videos about cats (even though cats are and this video is awesome).




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