What do you want to know?

question mark

The problem with blogging about technology is that there is so much of it in my work, my life and my home that I usually struggle to decide what to write about next.

So I turn to you dear reader for some help. I need your help make my blog useful and ideally interesting.

  • What dear reader do want to know?
  • What questions have you always wanted to know about technology but didn’t know who to ask?
  • Is there tech talk your need decoding?
  • What would be useful to know?

I hope that you will ask me some questions that I can answer to help make this blog interesting for you and (and importantly to me) help me decide what to write next.

Please ask questions, share ideas or maybe just have a good old rant (I do however reserve the right to rant back).

So the ball is in your court – what do you want to know?

You can ask me anything and we will see what happens next. 

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