The internet is full of cats and they are funny

Over the last 24 hours the Australian internet has been full of bad and sad news. I have had at times needed to make a conscious decision to stop looking at twitter and news websites. I even found myself being berated by the former PM’s Director of Communication on twitter, I don’t think he was happy with my response as he didn’t reply.

The one thing the internet can be relied upon to do when you need it, is to cheer you up. A very old internet joke is that the internet is made completely of pictures of cats. After all the bad and sad news I found myself last night searching for pictures of cats to cheer myself up. Some of these pictures become over night viral hits and then next the day are replaced by another cute cat picture. 

The internet is full of news, some occasionally accurate, much not and when you need it, the internet is full of cats that can make you smile.

Last night this was my favourite picture. Cat with nutella on face


Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the questions I have been asked I’m just working on the answers (it’s not too late if you have any questions) – stay tuned.

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