Public libraries rule!

Today I spent a lovely day at Murray Bridge Library. I did a couple of training sessions for people learning about the internet and iPads. 

Murray Bridge is a great library, with loads of natural light, a view of the beautiful River Murray and lots of computers. Public libraries are changing, don’t panic they still have books, but now they have free internet access.  In fact they have had it for quite some time. 

With a single card, that you can get at any South Australian library, you can get free internet access at any library in South Australia. YAY!! 

Libraries are playing a vital role in helping getting people online. They provide somewhere, friendly and welcoming where anyone can get online, without the hassle of having to own a computer. Some libraries provide free or low cost classes and occasionally one on one support.  

Many libraries not only have computers you can use for free, some have ereaders and ebooks you can borrow. And if you are really lucky your local library might even have a Playstation or a Wii you can use during your visit. 


Murray Bridge library has a section set aside just for books about computers, iPads and all kinds of technology, all specially displayed to make it easy to find the book you need. But my favourite part of the library is the Children’s section, the books are displayed in small boats, with a huge paddle wheel shaped window, it’s fabulous, there are even fish shaped cushions!

Libraries are really great and might not be the quiet intimidating space you remember from your childhood.  So if you haven’t been for a while visit your local library and check out what technology they have for you use. 

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