Going off the radar

I have had a great day on the third of my holiday in Brisbane. I’ve had a day of catching up with friends, lunching, being a tourist and then a glorious dinner with friends.

And not once did I share what I was up to online.

I conducted a little experiment with myself about how I would feel not checking in on Foursquare, taking pictures on Instagram and posting comments on Twitter or Facebook.

I have to tell you Dear Reader if felt weird. Over the years I have become so used to reaching for my phone when I’m doing something interesting (or banal) and posting details or photos online. The best of the process is checking my phone later and getting feedback whether that be likes or comments. The sense of ‘hooray someone noticed’ is palpable. I hadn’t realised just how palpable until i spent a day not seeking or receiving that feedback.

I feel a little embarrassed admitting but I do love it when someone leaves a comment along the lines of ‘I wish I was there’. There is probably several PhDs in the sociology of using social media for positive reinforcement and validation but I know that there are times when I consciously, and often not, seek validation and positive reinforcement from my online contacts. What I wonder and will continue to monitor in myself, is if this is something habitual or just something I do for a bit of a pick me up.

So today I spent the day with myself and my friends not posting anything online at all today except this post. What I did today will remain a secret except to those who were there IRL (in real life) or are unfortunate enough to sit through my long travel stories.

For the record I don’t think my ego felt the difference but that might have been the sense of smug self satisfaction of being on holiday when everyone else is at work. But we Dear Reader shall see…

And because pictures of radars aren’t cute, here’s picture with a tenuous link to ‘going off the radar’


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