Keeping other people off the radar

Having spent a couple of days off the radar and reflecting on how much information I share online has been personally very interesting and made me think about what I post. In the future I plan to be more considered with my online posts. I don’t want to say something just because I can, I want to make sure that when I say something it is interesting, funny or maybe even useful.

I spent today with some friends and their gorgeous baby. My mind turned to what happens when other people put you on the radar without you knowing. More specifcally what if by the time you are one year old or ten years old you have a digital footprint that you didn’t know about and don’t have any control over.

How will my friends son feel when he is a teenager or an adult knowing that somewhere out there on the Internet there are pictures of him he didn’t put there and he might not like? Interestingly my friend told me she has made a deliberate decision to only post ‘nice’ pictures of her son and not to post many pictures of him as she wants to keep his digital footprint small.

The topic of posting pictures online is a very tricky area, and there are likely to be lots of opinions. Firstly I should declare I’m not a parent but I do think it’s an interesting topic that I would like to explore further in future posts but first I turn to you Dear Reader.

There is a whole industry of books, websites and experts offering parenting advice and most of the parents I know find and use what works for them and their family. There are lots of different ways to successfully raise a child.

I would be interested to hear what you have found works for you and your family when it comes to posting pictures and information online.

– What do you think about posting pictures of your children online?
– Do you have any rules about what you will and won’t post?
– Do you post the names of your children online?
– Do your children know their pictures are posted online?
– Do you have your own rules about posting pictures and information about your children online?

As I said I don’t know what the right answer is but I would like to explore this topic further.

Any comments happily received. 🙂

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