Keeping kids off the radar

I’m surprised Dear Reader that my previous post did not create greater discussion, as I have previously been involved in face to face discussions about the pictures parents post online. A long with the different parenting styles the rules about posting photos online a different for each family.

There are all kinds of terrible stories about what can happen to photos you post online, some are more true than others. You may think you have the strongest password, but you just never know what can happen to photos you post online.  I know I have copied and pasted photos from the internet, even though I know I’m not supposed to.  

The reality is that the internet is forever, and anything you post online will be there forever so it’s a good idea to make sure you think about anything you post online.  

For what it’s worth here’s what I think about posting pictures of children online, two simple rules.  

  1. Don’t post any photos (of anyone) online you would not be happy to see up in shop window for the world to see – ever!
  2. Limit potentially embarrassing photos of your children as they are likely to not like it when they are older.  You also don’t know what impact they might have in the future. We all have embarrassing photos of ourselves but thankfully mine are in albums not online for the world to see.

In honour of this post I won’t be posting a picture of me as a baby as they are safely stored in an album in my parent’s library, but here’s a picture of Blossom the cat, ‘helping’ me watch TV.  Pets aren’t too fussy about their digital footprint 🙂

Blossom the cat in front of TV


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