YouTube made me look smart

The problem with doing something for the first time is that you have no idea if you are doing it right, unless you can see what it is supposed to look like.  This Dear Reader is what makes YouTube so great and today made me look smart.

I needed to change the bulb in the front headlight of my car. There were just 5 crappy pictures in the manual that came with my car, none of them particularly helpful. 

So I turned to the second most popular search engine on the internet for help and I found it. 

Yes YouTube is full of stupid videos of kittens, sneezing pandas and babies being cute but it is also full of instructions to do all kinds of things including recipes, craft, art, making, mechanics and stuff you didn’t know you needed to know. 

So thank you YouTube for helping me look smart, I posted news of my success on my Facebook page and so far 17 people have liked my status, plus I’m really pleased with myself.


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