Nothing to say

Despite a busy day, I find myself with not much say. So I turned to the internet for help by searching for the phrase ‘nothing to say’ and I was surprised to find it is the title of a quite a famous song I hadn’t heard in years. I searched a little further and found quotes about having nothing to say. There were many quotes and quips but my favourite is…



The internet is amazing, you can search for nothing and find something wonderful. I often find myself on interesting (and boring) websites after I have taken a little journey down the ‘rabbit hole’ of internet searching and surfing.

I find websites that sometimes make me ponder not only who created them but why were they created in the first place. This is what makes the internet both wonderful and awful.  The internet is full of marvellous and mundane websites that are likely to be useful and interesting to someone, if not to you Dear Reader.  Hours can be wasted searching the internet for something and nothing, and that is both wonderful and awful, depending on your deadline and your patience.


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