One month down…11 to go

One month anniversary card

It is the end of my first month of blogging every day, despite missing one day, I’m pleased that I have got this far. There was a small part of me that wasn’t convinced that I could blog daily for a month let alone a whole year. 

While I’m still finding my blogging voice and rhythm. Along with desperately trying to learn to get organised and take notes when I have ideas. I have no doubt that I will get there eventually, I just need to stick at it.

My thoughts about the technology in my life and the lives around me are slowly getting more organised. I find myself having conversations about technology and social media that make me want to blog, which is great.  The comments and feedback I have received so far have been much appreciated, it still blows me away that people I don’t know read my blog. 

I hope the next 11 months will be just as fun and entertaining as my first month of blogging, so please keep the comments, feedback and questions coming. 

Thanks and happy one monthsary!

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