Jargon Busting No. 1 – QR Codes

To help give my blog some structure I have decided that August will be the month of jargon busting.  I plan to explain the words, tools, apps and other ‘cool stuff’ that you may have heard about but not be entirely sure what they mean. 

The internet and social media is full of jargon that can seem overwhelming and confusing but it isn’t. It is just some new words. 

When I work with people who are learning about computers and the internet, I remind them that it doesn’t matter who old you are you can always learn new things.  I ask people to think of the first time they drove a car, and how difficult it was to remember everything, use the right pedals and drive in a straight line. Learning about using computers is the same, for a while we all kangaroo down the road, stall occasionally, we need some help learning new things and someone to keep an eye on us whilst we are learning. 

Just like learning to drive a car there is new jargon to learn, new skills to be refined and new adventures to be had using computers and the internet. 

To get the ball rolling…QR Codes.

Quick Response Codes are similar to barcodes you find on your shopping. QR Codes can be scanned by a scanning app on your smart phone.  They provide shortcuts to online content, such as websites, videos or Facebook pages.  They are becoming more common on adverts, in magazines and even in museums. 


If there are any technology words you would like more information about, please leave me a comment and I will see what I can do. 



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