Jargon Busting No. 3 – Instagram

It seems from a quick look at Instagram that the free app for smartphones with cameras is designed purely to share art photos of food.  There are some people who consider themselves ‘foodies’ and believe that the rest of the world would love to see photos of what they are about to eat.  This urge seems to especially strong if the food is being eaten in an expensive restaurant or somewhere super trendy.

Instagram allows users to take photos with their smart phones and add filters. The filters apply effects to the photo such as sepia, look like it was taken on a seventies polaroid and many other cool effects. What has made Instagram so popular is the fact it is super easy to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email.  So everyone can see what you are eating as you are eating it. 

The filters can make very ordinary photos look quite arty and interesting. Sadly it seems that many people, and even me Dear Reader forget that an arty filter won’t make a boring photo interesting. Remember when you use Instagram that the subject of the photo needs to be interesting and then you can make the photo extra interesting by adding a filter to make the photo shine.

And just to prove that I too have been guilty of foody Instagraming here’s some of my favourite pics (and meals) with different filters. 

Marmalade pudding

French Toast

Boiled eggs and toast

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