Jargon Busting No. 4 – Photobombing

Squirrel photobomb

The origins of the word ‘photobombing’ is unclear with many articles online describing different stories. But my favourite is that it all started with a squirrel. 

Melissa Brandts and her husband setup a camera to take a picture of themselves whilst they were on holiday in Banff National Park, Canada. A little squirrel got curious about the noises the camera was making and ‘popped up’ and stole the shot.  Melissa uploaded the photo to Your Shot National Geographic and the photo became an internet sensation. It lead to many imitations.

Here are a couple of my favourites from izismile.com 

Squirrel moon photobomb

Sgt Pepper Squirrel photobomb




















So Dear Reader before you post any photos online it’s probably best that you check the background for someone or something (such as an animal) doing something they shouldn’t. You have been warned! 🙂

Horse photobombing wedding photo
Kelly Clarkson photobombs Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres
From http://mashable.com/2013/02/10/kelly-clarkson-photobomb-grammys/

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