Jargon Busting No. 8 – Google Doodle

Wilbur Norman Christiansen Google Doodle

At times you will visit Google and find a cute or interesting picture that are known as Google Doodles. The Doodles mark the anniversaries of historic events, birthdays, national days, holidays and today’s the Australian Google Doodle marks Wilbur Norman Christiansen’s 100th birthday. When you click on the doodle you are taken to a page of search results related to the topic of the doodle.

Today I discovered that according to Wikipedia, Wilbur Norman Christiansen was pioneer Australian radio astronomer.  In Australia (and I’m sure in other countries competitions are run to find new doodles. In fact there is a competition for school student running at the moment that closes on 23 August, the theme is ‘If I was an explorer I would…’

The doodle might not look exactly like the clean lines of the Google logo but they are usually recognisable as being inspired by the Google logo.

Some of the doodles are pictures, others are simple (yet annoyingly addictive) games you can play and some are things to do. My favourite doodle celebrates Les Paul’s 96th birthday, with a guitar. The guitar can be played and your playing can be recorded and shared.  Google has very kindly created a website for you to look at past doodles and search for your favourites, http://www.google.com/doodles.

Enjoy searching for and enjoying your favourite doodle.

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