Jargon Busting No. 9 – Netiquette

A lot of regular users of the internet think that they know everything they need to know about the etiquette of using the internet, netiquette.

It is always good to have a little reminder of how to behave politely online, as it seems to me that there are a few people who have forgotten.

Emails – make sure you…

  • Check your email regularly so people are left to wonder if their email actually arrived.
  • Proofread your emails before you hit send. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar can make you look stupid.
  • Put a subject line in your emails, that will help make sure your email actually gets read.
  • Use humour and sarcasm carefully as as tone can be difficult to understand online.
  • Keep emails short and to the point, long rambling emails are tedious and hard to read on a screen.
  • Use BCC (blind courtesy copy) when sending an email to lots of people to keep everyone’s email addresses private.
  • Don’t send emails or post online when you are upset or angry, remember the internet is forever.
  • Check the truth of any email warnings or scams before you forward them. Don’t forward hoaxes.
  • Never ever forward chain letters.

Netiquette also applies to Social Media…you should THINK before you post.

T= is it true?       Social media think

H = is it helpful?

I = is it inspiring?

N = is it necessary?

K = is it kind?

Spreading lies, rumours or just being plain old malicious online (or offline) will not end well, so use your online powers for good.

(photo credit: Twitter – @mrrobbo)

Have you got any netiquette tips or pet peeves you want to share? You have heard mine I would love to hear yours.

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