Jargon Busting No. 23 – Selfies

Selfies are photos you take of yourself.  Digital cameras made it easy (and cheap) for people to take lots of pictures without wasting film. This ease meant that it was now possible to put yourself in any photo and keep trying until you manage to take a photo that is in focus and doesn’t chop the top of your head off. You just hold the camera at arms length and smile for a photo. Now with smartphones many new models they have ‘front facing’ cameras so we can see the photo you are about to take.

Selfies have become a popular way to prove you are somewhere, meeting someone or doing something fantastic. Celebrities and even politicians have succumbed to the lure of selfies.  

Here are a couple of selfies of me taken in 2011 when I visited China and Europe. As I was travelling alone, selfies were are great way to prove and remember I was actually in Tiananmen Square and in front of Edinburgh Castle.

Selfy of me in Edinburgh

Selfy of me in China

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