Jargon Busting No. 25 – USB

Something short sharp and shiny for a Sunday.  USB, an abbreviation we hear a lot as just about every device we buy now has a USB connection. USB means Universal Serial Bus and what it actually describes is the now standard size of the connector and ‘slot’ for the connector so that devices can connect.  The USB is rectangular connector at the end of your cable which you plug into another device, a computer or a charger. 

Developed in the 1990s USB connections means it is much easier to connect anything ranging from keyboards, cameras or speakers to a computer or any other device with a USB connection.  USB connections have replaced the wide range of different types of connections, which means it is much easier for us to mix and match our technology bits and pieces. 

I recently discovered possibly my favourite USb device ever, on the wonderful website www.thinkgeek.com a USB pet rock. 

USB Pet Rock

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