Jargon Busting No. 26 – Predictive Text

Many early mobile phones came with built predictive text to help make the tedious process of sending text messages and emails a little easier.  Using the phones number pad to scroll through individual letters to construct words was painful.  Predictive text was designed to save you time and keystrokes . The function would make word suggestions when you started typing a word, you could then select the suggested word or ignore it. 

Predictive text has been be replaced on many new smartphones with ‘autocorrect’. Autocorrect allows users to type words that are then automatically corrected, to either correct poor spelling or to more popular words, this can be both very useful and very annoying. 

This autocorrect function has lead to what is becoming a popular phrase ‘damn you autocorrect’, which is what you shout when you accidentally send a text message with a word that has been autocorrected to something completely wrong and usually inappropriate.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet people have shared their ‘damn you autocorrect’ moments and they can be very rude but they are usually very funny. 



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