Jargon Busting No. 27 – IRL

In real life logo

IRL, in real life. Many people make friends (and enemies) on line, especially on twitter. People ‘meet’ when they comment on each other tweets, tweet about the same topics and over time they get to know each other online.

You can also get to know people from their tweets, you can get an idea of the work they do, or their hobbies and maybe even their politics, but you have never met them.  By sharing hashtags such as #socadl (social media Adelaide) people with a common interest can meet online and share information, resources, ask questions and arrange meeting up IRL. 

So there is often excitement when you have the opportunity to meet someone in real life.  Will they be as interesting? Will they be as nice? For some people meeting in real life can feel a little like a blind date. 

I have on occasion been disappointed when I have met people IRL. Online they are witty and interesting but it turns out all their wit and wisdom is used up on Twitter and IRL they are lacking in both. However I’m delighted to report that the vast majority of people I first met online have been even more interesting and more fun when I finally meet them IRL.  

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