Cat vs Macbook Pro

The month of jargon busting is over and I think my parents evil cat Blossom knew, so he right on cue gave me something to blog about. Yesterday he walked across the keyboard of my MacBook Pro and killed it. 

My screen looked like this…

Screen of broken laptop

My laptop froze I tried to turn it off but nothing happened when I pressed the power button.  It took several attempts to turn it off. Having turned the laptop off, I was hoping that it would think about what it had done and get its act together when I turned it back on. But first I had to cross my fingers that it would actually turn on.  So fingers crossed I pressed the power button after a painfully tense wait I was greeted with Recovery screen.

This Dear Reader is when I was very happy that I had a back up of my entire laptop as the first option on the recovery menu is ‘restore from backup’.  As I had a back up on an external hard drive I was able to restore all of the contents of laptop. Admittedly it was a back up from March this year, but as most of my documents and photos are in the cloud there would not be many files missing.

Restore screen on macbook pro

Hooray for back ups!!

I can’t tell you Dear Reader the importance of backing up regularly. Many people forget about back ups they don’t think they are important but they are very very important.  Computers break and get broken, cats walk across keyboards,  computers get viruses and other internet badies which can all cause your beloved computer to die unexpectedly. So back ups are vital; they save you from a lot of stress and tears. Though I will admit that I came very close once or twice while I was waiting to see if my back up would actually work. I did a little happy dance when it did work.

If you don’t know how to back up the contents of your computer I strongly suggest that you speak to someone you trust and find out if they can help. You can also jump online and find lots of information about how to back up your computer depending on the operating system you use.

But fingers crossed you will never need to use your back up but if you do you will do a little happy dance if you do, I know I did, just don’t get caught like Snoopy did.


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