People actually read my tweets.

Last night something completely unexpected happened, someone sent me a tweet with a photo of something they had made following instructions and photos I had posted online.


I hadn’t posted the photos and instructions with the idea that someone would follow them, I was really just bragging about what I was doing. I was making a quilt. I have made 4 quilts and this would be the fifth, as it is such a rare occurrence it seemed worth bragging about.

I was making the quilt for a friend’s 40th birthday. Over the past 2 weeks I posted 8 pictures of the quilt’s progress along with some very brief instructions. The pictures weren’t for anything other than to celebrate the fact I was actually making something.

Raggy Quilt
My Quilt

It’s hard to describe just how excited I was to receive Cathy’s tweet and picture.  I know that people read my tweets and Facebook posts but I was delighted that someone had followed the progress of my quilt and decided to make their own.

Along the way I had received nice comments when I posted photos about the making of the quilt. And when I posted a picture of the final quilt 24 of my Facebook friends liked the picture, which was lovely.

But when Cathy sent me a tweet with her photo, to know that someone had followed my instructions was very humbling.

Cathy's quilt
Cathy’s quilt

Even though I write this post pictures and comments online along with this blog in the hope that people will read what I have to say. I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that people would really read what I say. I’m amazed that people read and might act on the things I write online. Cathy’s tweet has made my online posts seem very real, people I don’t know will read what I write and they might act on what I say. I’m not niave enough to think I’m going to change the world but knowing that my pictures and instructions helped someone make something really beautiful is a wonderful feeling.

I only hope that what I write will continue to be useful and interesting. I would love Dear Reader, to hear your stories of online interactions, maybe you posted something online that inspired others or perhaps you were inspired by a Facebook or blog post.

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