Sense of excitement


The response I received from my last post was lovely, it sounds very corny and I can’t believe that I’m writing this, I was humbled. But more than that I was and am excited. Initially the realisation that people actually read what I write filled me with a sense of responsibility but rather than burdening myself with that I have decided to be excited.

Excited that I’m not just talking to myself but rather that I’m talking to people ‘out there’.

I’m excited at the prospect of continuing to write and explore not only technology but also writing and what I think about both. I do feel some pressure not to be boring and to not suck, so far I think I’m doing OK and I hope Dear Reader you feel the same.

It is this sense of excitement that helps me stay motivated to keep writing every day for 12 months, and to hope that I will keep learning and sharing what I have learnt. 

64 down only 301 to go. 


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