Planning a trip

New York Guide Book

Today I spent most of the day in front of my computer and I wasn’t at work. I’m on leave and have spent a lot of today finalising the details for an upcoming trip to USA. In fact almost 100% of my trip has been arranged online. Thanks to a travel agent friend I did my book my flights in a bricks and mortar store but the rest has been done online.

I have booked hotels, used AirBnB to book bed and breakfast and apartment rentals. I have researched trains, places to visit, places to eat and places to avoid. For many people the internet has now become the first stop for anyone planning a holiday.

Without a website a tourist attraction is invisible. It doesn’t matter how great it may be if potential visitors can’t find it online it’s invisible. A brochure in a hotel foyer or tourist information centre just won’t cut it, as most people have planned their trip before they leave home.  Even having a website can sometimes not be enough with ratings websites like TripAdvisor consistently bad ratings will also make you invisible as you will virtually impossible to find.

I know that if I rely completely on internet ratings and websites I am may miss something fantastic so I have decided to mix in some ‘old school’ research and bought myself a couple of guide books to make sure I make the most of my trip.

Any tips for websites or apps that will help me make the most of my time in the USA will be greatly appreciated 🙂

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