No time to blog…new toy

Tonight’s post is short, sharp and about something shiny.

ipad mini box
the box of my new shiny thing.

Today I bought a new iPad mini. I want to have a bit more time playing with it before I write about it. But I do want to write about the experience of buying it.

Much has been written about why people are abandoning bricks and mortar stores and shopping online. Personally I think that a large part of it is the lack of decent customer service when you go into a shop. The norm is staff who don’t know anything about what they are selling, you then have to line up to give them your money and it is generally not a pleasant experience. 

Whereas the Apple Store makes it incredibly easy for me to spend my money. The staff are informed, helpful and there is never a line up to give them my money. In fact using the Apple Store App you can serve yourself. You scan the barcode of the item you want on your own iPhone, pay for the item using your iTunes account and a receipt is emailed to you. It’s a piece of cake. 

That is why the Apple Store is always busy. We can debate whether Apple products are good, bad or indifferent but they really do know how to make it easy for their customers to spend money. Which as a customer is all I want. 


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