Design – a life altering decision or not


When I started this blog I didn’t give it too much thought. I didn’t start on a whim but it seems that I didn’t plan it out very well. One thing I did not give any thought to at the beginning was the design of the blog. Today I spent over 2 hours scrolling through WordPress themes, trying to find one that I though would be perfect for this blog. 

Choosing a design for this blog feels like one of the most important decisions I will ever make. Of course I know it isn’t, but it feels like it. Choosing the look and feel, the font, the layout and overall design is proving to be a painful process. Which font best reflects me and my thoughts about technology? Should I have a solid colour background or a picture? Should I go hipster retro or clean and sleek? It turns out these are all important questions when it comes to choosing a design.

They are all important questions for which I don’t have answers. I know why I started this blog, but how to best reflect that in colours, fonts and images is proving very difficult. I realise that I am, as is often the case, over thinking the whole enterprise.  But the pressure I felt scrolling through hundreds of options was intense.

So Dear Reader, I have made a decision and that is to make no decision, yet. I will keep my eye out for designs, fonts and colours I like and trust that when I see a design I will know that it is right on for me. In the meantime, any tips or suggestions will be gratefully received. 

3 thoughts on “Design – a life altering decision or not

  1. HELLO!
    I’m enjoying reading your blog and I like that it is minimal. It’s nice and clean and easy to read and the font it a good size. I recently had to click away from a text based blog because the writing was small and white on a black background and it made my eyes go all weird!
    One thing that I would suggest is that you have the ‘leave a comment’ option at the bottom of your entries. It feels more fluid to be able to read something and click on ‘comment’ straight away rather than having to scroll back to the top of the entry. (or maybe I’m just really lazy!)

  2. …aaaaaand now I’ve realised that on your individual posts you have a big Leave a Reply section at the bottom! Ha! Scratch my previous comment!
    (I usually read your posts as they appear on the home page of your blog, rather than individual posts!)

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