‘My One and Only’

My One and Only artwork

It’s a funny how little things can snowball into bigger things.  As I have said before I’m a theatre geek. I am a huge fan of BBC Radio, especially radio plays, and thanks to the wonders of the internet I listen regularly to the free BBC podcast ‘Play of the Week’. 

In May 2012 I was walking home from work listening to My One and Only, it was an intense drama about obsessive love and stalking which really drew me in. The characters never meet face to face, the whole play was a series of phone calls.

The play made me think about how much of our lives, loves and relationships take place over the phone. I’m amazed by how quickly technology has become pocket sized and is now such an important part of our lives. Most of us rarely leave the house without our phones or get through a meal without making or receiving a call or text message or using our phones to settle an argument by checking a fact online.

I found Dawn King, the playwright, online, and sent her a message on Twitter, another new and very useful piece of technology.  After a few emails back and forth Dawn gave me permission to adapt the play for Adelaide Fringe 2013.  I asked a friend in England to help me adapt the play, we caught up on Skype to talk about the progress of the adaption.  I directed about Layla a young woman and her relationships.

My One and Only premiered at Adelaide Fringe this year and was recently nominated for Adelaide Theatre Guide Award for ‘Best Female Performance (Amateur)’. Sadly at tonight’s award ceremony the lovely Tamara Bennetts didn’t win. But I am incredibly proud that I was able to take a podcast and turn make it snowball into a great piece of theatre. 

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