Forgot to go old school

Adrian Mole book cover

Tomorrow morning I’m getting on a plane to the USA. I am making sure that all my devices that will help make the hours and hours and hours I will jammed into an airplane seat a little more bearable are fully charged. I have hours of podcasts, audio books and video to keep me entertained.  That’s along with the hours of inflight entertainment that will also help keep me entertained.  

My first ever long haul flight was when my parents and I moved from Adelaide to England. I remember buying my first ever walkman at the airport duty free shop and I still can’t hear to Phil Collins No Jacket Required without remembering the feeling of my first long haul flight. My parents also bought me a handheld Donkey Kong game. That I loved so much I broke the buttons.  Those two devices were the first pieces of technology I ever owned. 

Now I have my iPhone, my iPad mini and a pencil case full of cables and chargers. But I have just realised I will need some old school entertainment. I have forgotten to pack a book. Whilst I was worrying about adapters, chargers and hours of content, I forgot that as some point that batteries will all run flat and by law I will need to turn them off; and I will need a book. 

I can’t believe I forgot a book, I love books. There is a huge pile next to my bed all forming an orderly queue to be read. Sadly on closer inspection they are all hard cover, so too heavy to take with me.  On my first long haul flight I remember reading The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4, I still have that book. So tomorrow as I am killing time pacing around Sydney airport before my flight I will take great pleasure in buying myself something to read whilst I’m on the plane and whilst I’m on holiday. Because even though I love technology sometimes you just have to go old school. 


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