If I can make it here


    I think technically I may have missed post but thanks to flights and jetlag it just wasn’t possible. Thankfully my flight to the USA was uneventful. I’m sure you will be pleased to know that I did get a book, I raided my parents bookcase for a Terry Pratchett book I haven’t read. Which was lucky as I didn’t get a chance to buy a book.

    It was a great joy when I checked into my hotel when I was given the log in details for the free wifi. Having been offline for almost 20 hours I felt definitely disconnected. But my connection problems weren’t over. I needed a sim for my iPhone. These proved to be almost a 3 hour hunt, which did include a stop for breakfast, and walking further than I needed to due to my appalling sense of direction. Finally I got connected and my sense of direction greatly improved with access to google maps.

    My phone came in very handy today in a way I hadn’t expected. I was, as the Americans, on line for cheap tickets for Matilda on Broadway. I found out that there weren’t any discount tickets for Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark so I got my phone out to check the price of tickets. I discovered tickets I could afford were available, so I reserved a ticket by punching in my new ‘cell’ (aka mobile phone) number and confirming via text message. I did all of this while I was waiting to buy tickets for another show. YAY ME!

    I look forward to learning more about how Americans use technology and how I use technology for work and play while I’m here.

    For the record Matilda was fantastic!

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