I have finally stopped procrastinating…probably

Procrastination meter
Emily Ogez – https://flic.kr/p/6JZ11M

Plans are great. Plans are even better when you stick to them.  I can suck at sticking to plans.  My plan of blogging everyday for 365 days, went out the window about 6 months ago, when I began procrastinating. There are lots of reasons why, travel, work, illness, redundancy but most of all doubt. Doubt that I was being interesting or useful. This doubt is the perfect fuel for procrastination, and procrastination is a special kind of perpetual motion machine. Once it starts it just keeps on going and you don’t need to do anything to keep it going. Procrastination is a special kind of magic, it just keeps going and going.

I have decided to stop procrastinating. The fact is that I really enjoyed writing this blog. I was the one putting pressure on myself about the blog which just fed the procrastination machine. So this time as long as I remember that writing my blog is supposed to be fun and don’t put artificial deadlines and pressure on myself I will be fine.

So you can look forward to irregular posts about my thoughts about technology and what people do with it. Fingers crossed it won’t be 6 months between this post and the next.

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