Inspired by watching Sarah Keenihan and her http://scienceforlife365.wordpress.com/ blog where she set herself the challenge to write about science for 365 days, Alison plans to do the same (but a little differently).

Alison decided to get serious about her writing, her thinking and exploring technology. So challenging herself to write about technology in her life and what she think about it, the good, the bad and the down right weird for 365 days.

Alison fondly remembers when her Dad brought home their family’s first Commodore 64 and she has had a love/hate relationship with computers ever since. In her professional career she has set up and run an accessible internet café, delivered ICT training and spent ridiculous amounts of time online, tweeting, blogging and wasting time.

Over the last few years Alison has been researching and presenting on E-Democracy, E-Engagement and Cyber Safety.  Alison has a particular interest in making sure that people don’t end up on the wrong side of the digital divide.  She works to help those who are marginalised by not being able to access and confidently use new digital technologies.

Alison delights in busting myths about using the internet and helping people understand how to safely and effectively make the most of new digital technologies.

Alison is the founder of Acorn Productions, and uses her stage management skills as Production Manager of TEDxAdelaide.  Alison also chairs the organising team of Mini Maker Faire Adelaide and is enjoying learning about digital fabrication at Fab Lab Adelaide.


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