Sense of excitement


The response I received from my last post was lovely, it sounds very corny and I can’t believe that I’m writing this, I was humbled. But more than that I was and am excited. Initially the realisation that people actually read what I write filled me with a sense of responsibility but rather than burdening myself with that I have decided to be excited.

Excited that I’m not just talking to myself but rather that I’m talking to people ‘out there’.

I’m excited at the prospect of continuing to write and explore not only technology but also writing and what I think about both. I do feel some pressure not to be boring and to not suck, so far I think I’m doing OK and I hope Dear Reader you feel the same.

It is this sense of excitement that helps me stay motivated to keep writing every day for 12 months, and to hope that I will keep learning and sharing what I have learnt. 

64 down only 301 to go. 


People actually read my tweets.

Last night something completely unexpected happened, someone sent me a tweet with a photo of something they had made following instructions and photos I had posted online.


I hadn’t posted the photos and instructions with the idea that someone would follow them, I was really just bragging about what I was doing. I was making a quilt. I have made 4 quilts and this would be the fifth, as it is such a rare occurrence it seemed worth bragging about.

I was making the quilt for a friend’s 40th birthday. Over the past 2 weeks I posted 8 pictures of the quilt’s progress along with some very brief instructions. The pictures weren’t for anything other than to celebrate the fact I was actually making something.

Raggy Quilt
My Quilt

It’s hard to describe just how excited I was to receive Cathy’s tweet and picture.  I know that people read my tweets and Facebook posts but I was delighted that someone had followed the progress of my quilt and decided to make their own.

Along the way I had received nice comments when I posted photos about the making of the quilt. And when I posted a picture of the final quilt 24 of my Facebook friends liked the picture, which was lovely.

But when Cathy sent me a tweet with her photo, to know that someone had followed my instructions was very humbling.

Cathy's quilt
Cathy’s quilt

Even though I write this post pictures and comments online along with this blog in the hope that people will read what I have to say. I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that people would really read what I say. I’m amazed that people read and might act on the things I write online. Cathy’s tweet has made my online posts seem very real, people I don’t know will read what I write and they might act on what I say. I’m not niave enough to think I’m going to change the world but knowing that my pictures and instructions helped someone make something really beautiful is a wonderful feeling.

I only hope that what I write will continue to be useful and interesting. I would love Dear Reader, to hear your stories of online interactions, maybe you posted something online that inspired others or perhaps you were inspired by a Facebook or blog post.

One month down…11 to go

One month anniversary card

It is the end of my first month of blogging every day, despite missing one day, I’m pleased that I have got this far. There was a small part of me that wasn’t convinced that I could blog daily for a month let alone a whole year. 

While I’m still finding my blogging voice and rhythm. Along with desperately trying to learn to get organised and take notes when I have ideas. I have no doubt that I will get there eventually, I just need to stick at it.

My thoughts about the technology in my life and the lives around me are slowly getting more organised. I find myself having conversations about technology and social media that make me want to blog, which is great.  The comments and feedback I have received so far have been much appreciated, it still blows me away that people I don’t know read my blog. 

I hope the next 11 months will be just as fun and entertaining as my first month of blogging, so please keep the comments, feedback and questions coming. 

Thanks and happy one monthsary!

More Real Me

If I’m going to make this blog work I’m going to have to learn not to treat it like home work and leave it until the last minute and quite so late in the day. 

Hopefully this will mean that when I write my posts I’m not so tired. When I’m tired I often forget things. Which is exactly what I did in my last night for my last post. I did want to introduce myself but also felt I should do something has become considered ‘best practice’ (a very government term – so apologies if you aren’t a public servant).

I did not clearly state that the opinions expressed in this blog are completely my own and not that of my employer or any organisations with which I am involved. 

It was this disclaimer that got me thinking about the ‘real me’ and the ‘online me’.  It is now considered the right thing to do to clearly state especially on Twitter and blogs, if you do choose to identify yourself, that your online activities are not necessarily associated with your job or volunteer work.  

I’m giving a presentation on this very topic next week so I think I will save exploring how your ‘online you’ can get the ‘real world you’ fired until next week. 

Despite having made this disclaimer I still find myself making sure that I don’t say anything that is likely to get me into trouble at work or in any of my volunteer roles. I do love climbing up on a soapbox and I look forward to telling you dear reader what I think about many things. But for my sake and as well as yours (I’m not much fun when I have my ranty pants on) I will try and keep the ranting and swearing to tasteful levels or at least make it fun. 

I like to think the online me and the real me are funny. But I will let you be the judge. 

Thank you to those who have left comments here, on Facebook and spoken to me in person. I hope that as I get into the swing of it this will become more of a chat about technology.  How it does and doesn’t work in our lives, and that you will join me in occasionally getting your ranty pants on, and if that’s at me and my opinions then I think that will be just great. 

Let’s start at the very beginning.


There are many sayings, greeting cards, e-cards and no doubt blog posts about beginnings. This is mine, one of mine. This is the beginning of a new blog and new challenge. 

Inspired by watching Sarah Keenihan and her blog where she set herself the challenge to write about science for 365 days, I plan to do the same (but a little differently).

After a couple of previous failed attempts at writing a blog over the last few years. I decided I wanted to get serious about my writing, my thinking and exploring technology. So I am challenging myself to write about technology in my life and what I think about, the good, the bad and the down right weird for 365 days doing my best not to miss a day.

I hope to learn more about technology, about writing, about managing a blog and what others think about technology. 

The hardest part of this beginning, was naming the blog. As many have done before I turned to my online Facebook friends and Twitter followers for ideas. Thank you to everyone who made a suggestion. It was really fun working my way through the ideas and kicking names around. Ironically for a blog about technology the answer did not come from online but rather my own living room via my Mum.  So thank you Mum for the name.

The name was tricky, I had lots of ideas but it seems so had other people before me, but eventually I found a name that was available as a domain name.

I pity the future generations who will struggle to find unique Twitter handles, domain names and email addresses, they will have to be very creative. 

So here I am with a shiny new domain name, a possibly ridiculous idea and a beginning. 

1 down 365 to go. 

Photo credit: Press Start! Dinosoldier